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Queen of the Gods
Queen of the Gods

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PostSubject: CODE OF DISCIPLINE   Thu Aug 30 2007, 01:57

The club Code of Discipline spells our infractions and their corresponding penalties in order for the club members to have a uniform understanding of the gravity of different offenses and their respective consequences in case they need to be implemented.


  1. SPEAK TO PEOPLE.There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting to your club master & fellow club members.
  2. Show RESPECT at all times. Refrain from making any unfair and unwarranted comments and criticisms.
  3. Be FRIENDLY & COOPERATIVE. Participate in any club event or other events hosted by other Audition Club. Don't be SNOB, greet your fellow players and be careful with your word and actions. Some players doesn't prefer to be teased or to make fun with.
  4. ONE CLUB POLICY. You are required to join in ONE club only.
  5. DON'T BOAST. Never boast your victory, properties and skills. Be sports during the game and always be HUMBLE. If you will make a ROOM TITLE related to the club, make sure that you will be the last one to leave the room.
  6. NO FLAMES please. Personal arguments should be settled privately. Dont shout it out thru GM and dont post it at the club thread. If you have any arguments that cannot be settled, let the Club masters know and handle it. Its still better if you keep quiet and talk about it in a proper way).
  7. Be ACTIVE (both Egames and motionsforum) and In Game. Play with your co-members and most especially to the Club Masters.Post at Egames forum at least twice a week or at least you must have Egames Forum account. Always keep yourself posted. DORMANT - are those members who are inactive for a maximum of 2months with a valid reason. INACTIVE - members who are not active for more than 2 months without valid reason. An explanation is required, but if the player is still inactive for more than 3months he/she will be automatically expelled without prior notice.
  8. If you want to QUIT, state your reason for quitting, notify your Club Masters and submit your RESIGNATION FORM. We don't allow personal problem such as (love affairs) as your reason for quitting. Make sure it's a valid reason. (Note: Once you have quitted from this club you have one last chance to come back.)


    1. For FORUM GUIDELINES, avoid DOUBLE POSTING, SPAM or posting non sense topic and avoid criticism do not make fun of any members of this club and other club and avoid PROMOTING our club to other club (its an insult for them if you do that), dont use any OFFENSIVE WORDS, use only ONE SIGGY per post and avoid SMILEY ABUSE (only 3 smileys per line) and avoid ONE LINER POST that would make the thread look like a chat room.
    2. Do not post your resignation letter at Egames forum thread, instead post it at tggc.forumotion.com RESIGNATION LETTER thread.


    1. Our Official channel is CHANNEL 8 Undaground. Do not play at any server/channel.
    2. Making ROOM TITLE. Format : -TGG-ign ex. -TGG-wiz26
      Do not leave your room to any audista or club member.

    3. Do not use BOT in normal games or any other third party program. We will allow you to use BOT during Battle Party only OR as much as possible dont use it during BP as well. The Club Masters will give a schedule for the Battle Party.
    4. Wear your CLUB UNIFORM during mini event and event hosted by other club. (Except for the event with Best Outfit.) If you want to be a part of this club make sure you have completed the Club Requirements. Having a ~TGG~ in your IGN is not a proof that you are an official TGG member already. You need to pass the Club exam and submit your Application form first.

    Please read the OFFENSES AND PENALTIES section.


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